The links on this page demonstrate some of the work that experts undertake in the associated forensic areas and miscarriages of justice


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Lewis Legal


OBTAINING EVIDENCE FOR BOTH CRIMINAL AND CIVIL LEGAL PROCESS SINCE 2008. We will investigate on you’re behalf and work to obtain the evidence that may prove your innocence in court or if applying to the Court of Appeal or the CCRC.
If you have been charged we will follow up every lead you may have, to prove your innocence.

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SAFARI Supporting All Falsely Accused with Reference Information

Fighting for changes in the British Legal System to provide better protection for victims of false allegations and wrongful convictions.

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FACT Supporting Victims of Unfounded Allegations of Abuse

Supporting Victims of Unfounded Allegations of Abuse’ is a nonprofit Company (known as FACT) and is UK wide. It is a membership based, voluntary organisation run by an elected national governing committee accountable to its directors and members.

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PAFAA People Against False Accusations of Abuse

Dedicated to anyone who has been falsely accused of abuse, in whichever disguise it takes. Originally aimed at parents, and primarily concerned with false allegations of sexual abuse against children.


The Secret Barrister


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